Rural Development Programme 2014-2020

The Programme:

The Rural Development Programme (RDP) for Ireland provides money for projects to improve the environment, economy and rural life.

Funding goes to projects to:

  • improve the environment
  • improve social inclusion
  • grow the rural economy

The Rural Development Programme in Ireland is delivered using the LEADER method,  a community led local development approach to the delivery of Rural Development Interventions. In Tipperary the RDP will be delivered by the Tipperary Local Community Development Committee  (LCDC) and their implementation partners North Tipperary LEADER Partnership (NTLP) and South Tipperary Development Company (STDC).

The Tipperary Local Development Strategy (LDS) has been developed on the basis of comprehensive analysis of the development needs and contains a detailed outline of how the needs are to be addressed using RDP funding.

Proposed projects are required to be in line with  the objectives of the LDS and be compliant with the LEADER Operating Rules for the RDP 2014-2020 . Eligible project may include the following;

  •  The construction, acquisition or improvement of immovable property
  • The purchase of new or second hand machinery and equipment for the development of rural enterprise
  • General costs linked to community or enterprise based projects such as architect, engineer and consultation fees, feasibility studies and the acquisition of patents or licences.

Please see tabs below for Expression of Interest Forms and Guidelines and links to other resources.


Applicants can make an application in one of two ways:

  1. Rolling Call – An annual open call under which NTLP will accept Expression of Interest forms at anytime.  Projects focused on the Enterprise based Themes, i.e. Enterprise, Renewable Energy and Activity Tourism and all Analysis and Development projects can be considered under the Rolling Call process.
  2. Targeted Call – An annual time bound call for whichNTLP has a deadline imposed for acceptance of Expression of Interest. Projects focused on community, social inclusion
    • The Targeted Call period is now closed for 2017 however there will be another call to facilitate the distribution of the 2018 annual budget.

 Ineligible Activities  & Sectors: 

  • Operational Costs – Salaries, Insurance, Utilities etc.
  • Working capital & stock
  • Retail Operations (with the exception of Farm Shops selling local produce)
  • Mainstream sporting facilities – e.g. pitch development
  • Childcare and Healthcare
  • Planning or legal fees and associated costs
  • Projects that may displace an existing business in the area
  • Deadweight – i.e. projects that will go ahead anyway
  • Additionality – i.e. funding available elsewhere

The following documents help establish the eligibility of you project under the Rural Development Programme 2014-2020.  They include:

Tipperary Local Development Strategy : Tipperary LDS FINAL REDACTED – Sept 2016

Tipperary Tourism Destination Plan: Tipperary Tourism Development Strategy 2016 – 2021

Tipperary Playground Policy:Tipperary Playground Policy 2017

Before embarking on the application process it would be beneficial for you to familiarise yourself with the documents to ensure that your application for RDP funding is in line with eligibility criteria.  If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact a member of staff.

The application process for the current Rural Development Programme is a 2 Stage Process.  To get this process started we invite you to familiarise yourself with the Summary Guideline Document:


and then complete an Expression of Interest Form:

Expression_of_Interest_NTLP (12th January 2017)




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