Nenagh Afterschools/Homework Club

Nenagh Afterschools/Homework Club caters for pupils ranging in age from 7 to 10 years (2nd and 3rd Classes), from both St. Mary’s Girl’s Primary School and CBS Boy’s Primary School.

Services Offered:

The main aim of the Afterschools Club is to complete homework. However other activities, such as board games and crafts, are encouraged to help the child’s social and personal development.

Homework Club Structure

Children are collected directly from school and escorted by staff to the Homework Club. Once they arrive they are given a sandwich and drink before they begin their homework.

Once their homework is completed, the children are allowed to play games which will help them develop intellectually and socially. Parents/guardians collect children at 4.50.

The vision for the Club is that it will help to improve attainment levels of education for the participants, to promote the value of education among parents of participants and to encourage the development of positive social skills. It is hoped that, using this type of strategy, rates of progression to upper level secondary education, and ultimately, third level education, will increase.

There is no fee for participants.



The participants of the Club are generally selected by the teachers of 2nd and 3rd class, using criteria laid out by the After Schools/ Homework Club. However, if parents are interested in their children joining the Homework Club, they may get in touch with the Staff of the Club directly.

There is no fee for participants.

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