Care & Repair Initiative

Assists vulnerable people & families to carry out necessary repairs and improvements to their homes. This enables them to continue to live independently in the community in increased comfort and safety, and to avail of state supports where they are entitled to same.

Services Offered:

The type of work undertaken by the team are the following:

  • Maintenance and repair internal & external
  • Small scale renovation e.g. repainting.
  • Gardening
  • Clean up/declutter of houses
  • Clean up/declutter of exteriors
  • Bringing in fuel where needed.
  • Installing smoke detectors
  • Carpentry work where skills available
  • Assisting tradesmen with work to reduce cost.





Referral comes to the Programme Supervisor from any of the following:

  • HSE Social worker/Primary Care Team
  • Family Support Worker
  • Care Organisation e.g. Saint Vincent De Paul
  • Note: Host Communities through any of the above.

All referrals are kept strictly Confidential by all involved to protect the individuals & families concerned. Supervisors and participants are expressly asked to not discuss work being carried out with anyone, even while at location with visitors.

NTLP Care and Repair Referral Form Repair July 2013


Funding for any materials required may be provided by the family/individual themselves or from community/care organisations.

NTLP do not provide funding. NTLP support is through the scheduling of participants to carry out the work needed.

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